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I' m pleased to welcome clients to my own massage and therapy room to enjoy friendly relaxing massage and lovely treatment with soft thai spa music. I provide professional massage service in private room candle lit clean place with fresh towels and shower facility and hot drinks available.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen

About Me

I am a professional massage therapist qualified at "WatPo" thai traditional Medical and massage school in Thailand with experience working in deep tissue massage, relaxing massage and reflexology.

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History of watpo

The temple is considered the first public university of Thailand, teaching students in the fields of religion, science, and literature through murals and sculptures.A school for traditional medicine and massage was established at the temple in 1955, and now offers four courses in Thai medicine: Thai pharmacy, Thai medical practice, Thai midwifery, and Thai massage.This, the Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School, is the first school of Thai medicine approved by the Thai Ministry of Education, and one of the earliest massage schools. It remains the national headquarters and the center of education of traditional Thai medicine and massage to this day. Courses on Thai massage are held in Wat Pho, and these may last a few weeks to a year.Two pavilions at the eastern edge of the Wat Pho compound are used as classrooms for practising Thai traditional massage and herbal massage, and visitors can received massage treatment here for a fee. Foreigners from 135 countries have studied massage at Wat Po.

There are many medical inscriptions and illustrations placed in various buildings around the temple complex, some of which serve as instructions for Thai massage therapists, particularly those in the north medical pavilion. Among these are 60 inscribed plaques, 30 each for the front and back of human body, showing pressure points used in traditional Thai massage. These therapeutic points and energy pathways, known as sen, are engraved on the human figures, with explanations given on the walls next to the plaques. They are based on the principle of energy flow similar to that of Chinese acupuncture. The understanding so far is that the figures represent relationships between anatomical locations and effects produced by massage treatment at those locations, but full research on the diagrams has yet to be completed.

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